Strengths-Based Supervision


Compassionate enquiry into practice.

Professional supervision offering rituals of reflection for the dynamic dance between life’s challenges and moments of peace.

Gathering treasures from the past into competencies of the present ​for the wellbeing of the future

– D Carroll

​Whether you are a coach, leader or educator independent external supervision shines alight on individuals, or teams to strengthen work practices and leadership skills to:

♦  Discover the pillars of practice.
♦  Manage professional boundaries with clients or colleagues.
♦  Re-frame ethical dilemmas and discover solutions for complex situations.
♦  Identify and resolve workload or stress related issues, and improve work-life balance.
♦ Discover areas of professional strength and celebrate the impact or work.

Want to grow as a leader and strengthen your professional practice?

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How It Works

Weaving the kawa

Co-creating our way forward with regular and ongoing rituals and rhythms for supervision.

Reflecting for Growth

Nuturing and mana enhancing inquiry into practice for professional growth and wellbeing.

Ethical Considerations

Acknowledging cultural traditions alongside ethical practices to establish enduring pillars of practice.

Collaborative Conversations

Bringing another set of eyes and ears to create clarity, ease and inspiration.

Our Offerings

Mining the Gold conversations


Turn your professional challenges into triumphs and embed daily practices to relevant codes and tikanga framework.

Enjoy reflective conversations to reframes dilemmas and find solutions that strengthen relationships .

Restore and nurture with generous space holding to re-write the stories of your practice.

One-on-one or group supervision sessions available.   Monthly x 60 mins

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We can never know the totality or full potential of other people, but who they are with us has something to do with who we are with them.

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