Strengths At Work


Thriving at work begins with leveraging your strengths.

Supporting people and organisations navigate new ways of working, grow well-being and ​create impact.

Being seen, heard and appreciated is at the heart of great teams and thriving at work.

Everyone has diverse qualities, skills and approaches (strengths) that shape the way they think, create and innovate at work.

♦ Strengths are the fuel that drive us to attain, create and innovate

♦ Strengths are the warm embrace of confidence that enables us to step out

♦ Strengths are the insight to help us puzzle through adversity

♦ Strengths are the well of resilience that support us to lean in and stay motivated

♦ Strengths are the threads that call us to do the things we love and thrive

Ready to shine a light on your team’s strengths to harness potential and unlimited possibilities?

Our Services

Strengthening Teams

Create impact, align values and grow workplace wellbeing.

Navigate and innovate together

Strengths-based Supervision

 Compassionate inquiry for greater perspective and deeper insights.

Enhance your professional practice

Strengths in Education

Foundations ​of mana, realised potential & enhanced wellbeing for akonga and kaimahi.

Develop a strengths-based pedagogy

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How We Work

Integrated Approach

Weaving coaching, positive psychology, mindfulness and narrative therapies for bespoke workplace training.

Latest Research

Integrating current research from the fields of neuroscience, leadership, education, health and wellbeing.

Collaborative Design

Empowering and supportive relationships based on co-design mapping journeys for growth and wellbeing.

Evidence Based

Acknowledging cultural traditions and intelligences alongside ethical practices and professional accreditation.


​Elise Anderson

Elise excels at connecting to what motivates and matters to people, helping them translate their learning into action to enhance performance.

At the heart of our values is the acknowledgement that every individual has a divine spark within and the untapped potential for greatness.

Danette Muollo

Danette’s positive energy, insight and empathy allows her to inspire others to gain insight into their true selves and clarity for future pathways.

Our Impact

Beautiful humans on their strengths journey

Organisations investing in strengths with EDJE

Our Framework

I integrate my strengths and intentionally apply these for greater impact and positive outcomes.

I appreciate the unique contribution of strengths as they show up for myself and others.

I understand my strengths as compelling drivers of thoughts, feelings and actions.

I recognise the unique qualities and attributes of my strengths.

Maumahara ki tou mana ahua ake -Cherish what makes you unique

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Strengthening Teams


Strengths in Education

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